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Welcome to Music City – Nashville TN…home of The Grand Ol Opry, Hot Chicken and Tony Lucca. We took time to be tourists in the city – seeing the Ryman Theatre, the neon that is the downtown with all the honky tonks and ate at a couple of Tony’s favorite places in the area.

Arriving at Tony’s home we began setting up for a day of cooking, eating and storytelling. The unexpected twist for us was being serenaded by him as we prepped the meal. Each meal of the day in the South has importance and so we decided to have each course represent them in order – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as Dessert because in the South it is a meal unto itself.

At the table for this meal were musicians, music evangelists and a craft beer brand ambassador. Tony as our host, Steve Bentz bass player and a member of the duo known as the Roll Aways, Rick Strasser host of the Burchwood Avenue Sessions a local backyard and living room concert series and Amanda Crisp of Jackalope Brewing.

Let’s talk beer – Jackalope Brewing, based in Nashville was started by two friends and a passion for homebrew. Fast forward to this dinner where we collaborated menu to brews and bring out the best in both the food and the beer throughout each course.

Music is always present – whether played on the front porch, choosing playlists sharing new songs and artists or in discussions about its influence and where the business is headed. Over our Nashville weekend we were exposed to the natural hospitality that occurs when musicians and friends get together and share a meal and good conversation. Tony Lucca is well suited to live in a place called Music City. Whether from a front porch or on a stage Tony’s presence is a bright light that draws you in like a moth to a flame.

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To multiple generations of emerging and established artists, Nashville is nirvana, a music mecca, a fulcrum for serious songwriters who don’t just make music for a living, but for whom music is life. For years now, Tony Lucca has had the energy and spirit of Music City coursing through his veins, a seemingly life-sustaining flow of inspiration that in part served as the lifeblood for the writing, recording and producing of his current self-titled album, the eighth full-length studio set in his notable canon. “When you go into a writing session, you gotta know who you’re writing for… and then you dig in,” says Lucca, who at this stage in his career has become a seasoned songsmith. “I learned a lot right off the bat, because again, doors were flying open for me that would of otherwise stayed shut.”