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For episode 1 we travel to Trumbull, CT to visit with Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly of The Alternate Routes.

The day started with dinner prep in Tim’s kitchen where we immediately put Tim to work chopping celery root and cauliflower. Cheryl prepared the Velvet Chocolate pie for desert to allow time for the pie to set-up in the refrigerator before dinner. Someone always gets to “lick the bowl” when it comes to desserts in our home and today that honor went to Tim and his lovely wife…thankfully the taste test passed with flying colors. A hint of what was to come!

We prepped the chicken by searing it and getting it in the oven. While the chicken was cooking, we had some time to chat with Tim in the family room about recording, one of our favorite Cruises – The Rock Boat and the new album the band was working on at the time. Tim shared that today its less about the album and more about getting traction one song at a time to “get some heat”.

We talked about their hit song Nothing More and Tim stated that in their songwriting process “we try and make songs have a silver lining”. When Nothing More released he shared the response they got that people wanted to hear something positive in the music and with this song “people got something out of it that made them feel better about themselves”.

“With the popularity of Nothing More, we got a whiff of the good stuff” but “I’m even more excited for the music we haven’t made yet.”

We talked about the value of House Concerts, Concert Window and new ways for up and coming artists to get their music heard…where every word gets heard…because we choose the words carefully and “I didn’t start writing music because I wanted to be Mick Jager”.

Eric then came over with his 2-week-old son. We had time to ooh and ahh, and witness new parenting joy and pride reminding us of our own memories with our children.

We then sat down to dinner. Cheryl introduced us to our beverage sponsor Wild Hare Micro- Cidery located in Bluemont, Virginia. We paired Wild Hare’s ciders based on flavor profile to complement the food in each course. The rest you see by watching the episode. Enjoy and please let us know what you think. We are on Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

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About the Artist

The Alternate Routes have always attempted to stretch the boundaries and redefine the borders of rock music from pop rock to folk and country rock. This alone has made them difficult to the describe, and hard to forget. In a world where the longest lines lead to the middle of the road, The Alternate Routes have taken their chances on the idea that being diverse is the only way to win the long game. It’s the only way to ensure that when the world decides to take note, that you will indeed have something to say. Four albums into their career, The Alternate Routes continue, and even when the road is blocked, they find a way.